Hello Internet of Things world! HaxIoT is here after a long journey in my head for almost 2 years. HaxIoT was started as an idea to take cool hacks for the Internet of Things and make them available into awesome products that others can build on.

I plan on making quiet a few fundamental Thing products as well as offering our thoughts on wireless technologies that will ultimately be connecting the Internet of Things. There is a lot going on in wireless, its way more than “shall I use Bluetooth or Cellular”. I am going to be talking a lot about Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) given the huge impact this is having on IoT globally. In fact, my first HaxIoT IoT products use LPWAN.

Everything we do here at HaxIoT is about supporting innovators, inventors and developers. We hope you like some of the cool things we are making. Send us your ideas and maybe we can help you make your IoT hack into a HAX product.

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