IoT Solutions
Powered by LoRaWAN

The most widely deployed IoT technology worldwide.

Low cost end nodes, long range, long battery life.

Haxiot has developed a range of popular IoT solutions focused in Smart City, Smart Building & Asset Tracking applications. Most of our solutions have been adopted and tested under field trial in various markets.

Smart Building

Deploying smart building solutions can benefit both the owner and the tenants within the building. Smart building solutions  reduce energy costs, increase productivity, improve operating efficiency, support sustainability efforts and increase the value of the underlying property asset.

Haxiot provides a range of smart building solutions that includes:

  • Fire Detection
  • Access Control
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Building Safety Solutions

Smart Utilities

Investing in smart city model will ultimately reduce operating costs, sometimes these solutions can even be self funded. Many municipalities and utility companies are thinking outside the box to modernize the infrastructure and gain revenues from cost saving, advertising revenue and data collection.

Haxiot is building smart city and smart utility solutions in the following areas:

  • Public Safety
  • Smart Utility
  • Smart Waste Management

Smart Parking

Haxiot enabled smart parking sensors are designed for improving effectiveness and efficiency of urban parking solutions. The sensor solutions provide occupancy information for carparks that can be integrated with payments, maps, turn-by-turn parking mobile app, enforcement officers notifications and parking availability displays. Smart parking  reduces pollution through faster delivery of park availability to drivers, reducing wasted journey time and fuel consumption.

Haxiot smart parking solution can provide:

  • Indoor parking sensors
  • Outdoor parking sensors
  • Mobile and web applications

Asset Tracking

Haxiot tracking solutions combine sensors and software to track and manage enterprise assets. Our cloud based solution has 12 different geo fencing applications, fully integrated to a customized business intelligence engine for real-time asst management. The power efficiency and low cost enable enterprises to manage almost every class of asset from multi-million dollar machinery down to hand tools.

Asset tracking solutions are deployed in a large number of industries with a wide variety of sensors. Haxiot is currently building solutions for construction, fleet management and connected cycles.

Building a custom LoRaWAN device?

We also provide end to end engineering & manufacturing services.