HXC USB Client Evaluation Board


  • HXC900 Evaluation board
  • USB and UART interface
  • Simplified development with module API
  • Includes Airgain antenna
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The HXCUSB 900 is an evaluation board for the HXC900 client module. THe HXCUSB supports both the HXC400 and HXC900 modules. The evaluation board provides either UART or USB to a microcontroller or Host Operating System respectively.

The HXCUSB eval board can be installed directly into an embedded system using the included 2.54mm Dual Inline Package (DIP) pins.

Each HXCUSB 900 evaluation includes a matched Airgain antenna optimized for the 902-928MHz. Other antennas and HXC module frequency bands are available on request

The HXC series client module provides both an AT command set for low-level control of the module as well as a high level API for simplified integration. The Haxiot HXC API dramatically reduces module integration time by eliminating the need to customize LoRaWAN features or regions.

The HXC series client works seamlessly with Conductor Network Server software as well as other major vendors. All evaluation modules receive a free Conductor account and 6 months of complementary device management with the HXCUSB-900


  • HXCUSB-900 evaluation board
  • Airgain 900MHz antenna
  • USB Micro cable


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