HXDW USB Pico Gateway

  • Ultra-portable USB 8-channel gateway modem
  • Supports US915 frequency (EU868 and CN470 on request)
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Description

The HXDW is a USB LoRaWAN 8-channel gateway modem. Simply connect to your laptop or server and establish your own LoRaWAN network. The HXDW comes built in with connectivity to the Haxiot Conductor NS platform. The software is compatible with all other Network Servers that support the Semtech Generic Packet Forwarder format.

The HXDW USB gateway modem is compatible with Windows, Linux, Raspian and MacOS

Frequency bands CN470, EU868, US915

Available in Q4 2017

Pricing TBD

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